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Dow Corning 3-4130 Features and Descriptions

• The Dow Corning 3-4130 is the best to buy for a firm gel with low volatility
• It has a reduced potential for silicone volatiles
• It has a shelf life of 12 months

The Dow Corning 3-4130 Dielectric Gel Kit is a reliable and effective cure gel to address special needs. It has a fast and low-temperature cure. When applied, it forms a cushion, self-heal, and resilient materials.

Application of Dow Corning 3-4130 Dielectric Gel Kit

The gel needs to be applied in thick layers to completely encapsulate the surface or device. The gel is sensitive to temperatures. Thus, apply it with temperature ranges that are useful, it is said to be functional over the range -45 to 200°C (-49 to 392°F).

Dow Corning 3-4130 Dielectric Gel Kit Shelf Life

Each product has a shelf life. Dow Corning 3-4130 has a 12 months shelf life. Its expiry date is placed on the product container labeled as “use by” date. There are storage conditions suggested on the product label to ensure the maintenance of the product’s efficiency. Make sure to place the product in an airtight cabinet to prevent moisture.

Buy the Dow Corning 3-4130 Dielectric Gel Kit for fast heat cure

Honest reviews and testimonies about the product were given by previous clients. You can buy Dow Corning 3-4130 at the best prices when bought in bulk. However, you can also buy it individually. There is no need to worry if you are a distant customer. Partnered stores offer delivery to selected countries.

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