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Dow Corning 3-4680 Silicone Gel Kit Description and Features

• The Dow Corning Gel has two parts
• It is a fast room temperature cure gel that has low viscosity to enable a good flow under the components
• Storage life 12 months

The Dow Corning 3-4680 Silicone Gel Kit offers more flexibility with giving the option of fas curing at room temperature. It does not require ovens or heat acceleration to process the cure at a faster pace. The silicone gel provides protection and seal by encapsulating, coating, or potting. When in place, it provides cushion, self-heal, and resiliency on the materials. Give the devices the insulation, isolation, and protection that it needs using Dow Corning 3-4680.

Application of Dow Corning 3-4680 Silicone Gel Kit

Dow Corning 3-4680 Silicone Gel Kit is distributed in bladder packs to avoid air contact. The two components are readily mixed with dynamic or static mixers. You should be cautious in mixing the products as the inaccurate and inappropriate mixture may lead to problems on the properties and characteristics of the gel.

Dow Corning 3-4680 Shelf Life

Those who purchase the product should be cautious of its storage conditions. It should be stored in a proper place with minimal air. The precautions on how to store the product properly are indicated on the product container. Moreover, the shelf life of Dow Corning 3-4680 is for 18 months. The date is indicated on the “use by” label found on the container.

Buy at the best price!

The Dow Corning 3-4680 received positive reviews and suggestions from its previous users. It has become a great help to their works. If you want to try the product, you can buy it individually. But, you can also have it in bulk. Delivery is available to selected countries.

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