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The SR54 switching is ideally suited for GPS and other Long Range Navigation Systems that share an HSI/CDI with a VOR/LOC receiver. The twenty poles of switching allow all resolver and steering lines to be switched simultaneously. And the built-in reversionary switching circuitry to ensure VOR/LOC steering is always displayed on the indicator should power be lost or if an ILS frequency is selected in the NAV receiver.

* Certification: PMA Pending
* Max Pick up Voltage: 16.8 VDC
* Nominal Coil Impedance: 1440 W Each
* Drop-out voltage (min): 2.4 VDC
* Voltage: 28VDC
* Coil Current: 120 mA Total All Relays
* Max Contact Rating: 2A @ 28VDC Resistive Load

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ADF CONTROL Model: 614L-11

ADF CONTROL Model: 614L-11
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CI 122 VHF Communications
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