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Dow Corning 3-4237 Dielectric Firm Gel Features, Benefits, and Composition

• The Dow Corning 3-4237 is best to buy for an electronic application
• It is applied by potting, coating, or encapsulating
• It is a primerless adhesion that has a long work time to process its flexibility

The Dow Corning 3-4237 Dielectric Firm Gel is used for the isolation of electrical circuits from moisture and contaminants. Moreover, it provides insulation to high voltage electrics. The firm gel retains the self-heal and stress relief capability of the liquid giving the delicate components of the elastomer dimensional stability.

Application of Dow Corning 3-4237 Dielectric Firm Gel

The Dow Corning 3-4237 is a two-part gel, a blue and yellow part. This is purposely designed to reduce mixing errors. When the gel is properly mixed, it becomes translucent green. The gel cure put in place forms a cushion, self-heal, and resilient materials. You should be cautious in handling the gel in temperatures. It may accelerate the reaction, or disrupt the characteristics of the gel.

Dow Corning 3-4237 Dielectric Firm Gel Shelf Life

Products have their own shelf life. You need to store it in a tightly closed space to minimize air. Exposure to moisture can reduce the efficiency of the adhesion and may cause bubble formation. Thus, there is a need for you to take special precautions in the storage of Dow Corning 3-4237 Dielectric Firm Gel.

Buy the Dow Corning 3-4237 at the best affordable price

There are positive reviews from previous customers who have tried the product. They were pleased to see the efficiency and effectivity of the product on their work. If you want to try the Dow Corning 3-4237, you can buy it at the Dow Corning’s partnered stores. The product is available individually or in bulk with delivery options to selected countries. Try to apply the product in the needed surfaces now!

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