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Бортовой компьютер полетной информации и расхода топлива Shadin Avionics F/ADC-2000 позволяет получать данные в режиме реального времени в объеме не достижимом ранее.

Advanced technology has created an aircraft systems\' link to your long range NAV with advanced capabilities at an affordable price. The highly-compatible Shadin Avionics F/ADC-2000 will interface with nearly every major GPS and Flight Management System, and automatically calculates real-time fuel, airdata, and navigation information which is displayed through your on-board NAV system, EFIS, and TAWS.
he F/ADC-2000 unit links aircraft systems and your GPS receiver, automatically calculating fuel used, TAS, true air temperature, OAT, barometric pressure correction, density altitude and wind aloft without manual data entry. This information is totally dynamic in that it is based on real-time wind aloft and fuel flow.

The F/ADC-2000 provides high resolution altitude management in ten-foot increments to 35,000 feet to drive the vertical NAV feature of new generation GPS receivers for approaches.

In addition, F/ADC-2000 pressure altitude data is automatically used by most GPS manufacturers to substitute for the fourth satellite if it is not in range to compute three-dimensional post ion. This provides 24-hour, 3D position accuracy with only three satellites, without manual entry of altitude.

    * Fuel/Airdata System displaying fuel flow information and NAV information from interface with existing GPS receivers
    * Provides E-6B data such as pressure altitude, density altitude, outside and true air temperature, winds aloft, wind component, rate of turn, indicated and true airspeed, ground speed, Mach, and instantaneous vertical speed
    * Provides fuel flow functions such as left and right fuel flow, fuel flow used, fuel remaining, fuel to destination, range, specific range, and endurance
    * Provides navigation data such as heading to be displayed on NAV system or EFIS display
    * Note: Aircraft must be equipped with indicator with heading synchro (bootstrap) to obtain this data
    * Includes built-in 55000 ft. high resolution altitude encoder providing high resolution altitude management in ten-foot increments
    * Standard ARINC 429 drive board with switch selectable output to drive most standard 429 systems
    * Compatible with Bendix/King KLN-90/A/B GPS receivers
    * Compatible with Trimble 2000,2000A,2100,3000,3100/8100 GPS receivers
    * Compatible with Garmin GPS155, GPS155XL, and GPS165 GPS units
    * Compatible with graphic displays such as Airshow and Bendix/King GC-360A, EFIS 40/50
    * Compatible with Flight Management Systems such as Bendix/King KNS-660, GNS-X, Honeywell SPZ-5000/Data Nav III, and Universal UNS-1
    * Similar to ADC-200 but DOES include built-in encoder and ARINC 429 driver board

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