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Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King

The MK-VIII version of Honeywell's EGPWS has been optimized for aircraft serving various markets. Offering most of the features of the MK-V/MK-VII EGPWS, the MK-VIII helps to prevent accidents caused by Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT).

The system achieves this by using a number of aircraft inputs, applying proprietary alerting algorithms, and alerting the crew with aural messages, visual indications, and displays in the event the boundaries of the alerting envelope have been exceeded. Once in use, customers receive free database updates, as they become available.


  • Mode 1-6: yes
  • Windshear Detection: In Box (w/ARINC 429 inputs)
  • Terrain Alerting: yes
  • Terrain Clearance Floor: yes
  • Terrain Database: Worldwide
  • Obstacle Database: yes
  • Airport Runway Lengths: > 2,000'
  • Enroute Terrain Display (Peaks): yes
  • Altitude Callouts: yes
  • ARINC Configuration: no
  • Internal GPS Card Option: yes
  • Displays EFIS: yes
  • Displays Radar Indicated: yes
  • Displays Stand Alone: yes


  • TSO Compliance: TSO-C92c, TSO-C151a, UKCAA Spec 14
  • Physical size (H x W x D): 6.20" x 3.04" x 10.30"
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds maximum
  • Voltage: 28VDC
  • Mounting: Standard 3 inch King Radio rack
  • Temperature (operational): -55°C to +70°C (F2)
  • Altitude range: 55,000 feet (F2)
  • Cooling: No cooling necessary
  • Shock: No shock mounting required

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