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VOR/GS Indicator

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King


    * Navigation Indicator containing VOR/LOC left-right needle, To-From Indicator, VOR/LOC Warning Flag, Glideslope Deviation needle, Glideslope Warning Flag and OBS
    * Rectilinear instead of pendulum type meter movements for more precise indicator readings
    * Internally lighted
    * Metal bezel with glass lens
    * Commonly used with KNS-80, KNS-81 nav systems, KX-165 nav/comm which supply DC signal from internal VOR/LOC converter and Glideslope Receivers
    * Can be used with remote mounted VOR/LOC converters such as KN-72 or KN-77
    * Can be used with remote mounted Glideslope Receivers such as KN-73 or KN-75
    * Available with either a 30Hz or a 400Hz OBS resolver for use with King Gold Crown III units such as KNR-634 nav receiver (see table below)
    * Models available equipped with a course datum synchro for autopilot use (see table below)
    * Models available with gray or black bezels (see table below)
    * Models available with 5 volt lighting (see table below)
    * TSO'd

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