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Pictorial Nav Indicator

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King


    * With VOR/LOC/RMI/Glideslope indication
    * 4 inch instrument presenting aircraft compass heading with respect to magnetic north, selected heading, selected course, and automatic bearing of ADF or RMI bearing read against servo driven compass card
    * Able to interface to most modern GPS systems such as the GNS-430 and GNS-530 (see interconnect diagram)
    * Versions originally produced that require course programming from remote keyboard of KNR-665A nav system
    * Selected heading may be made remotely with Heading Select knob of KMC-340 mode controller when used with KFC-300 system
    * DME display with numerical data and appropriate annunciation
    * Displays distance to VORTAC or waypoint of left portion of display, range is indicated to nearest tenth of a nautical mile from 0-99 and to nearest nautical mile from 100-389
    * Ground speed shown by middle portion of display indicated to nearest knot from 0-999 knots
    * Time-to-station displayed by right portion of display to the nearest minute from 0-99 minutes
    * Radar altitude shown as dashed lines on middle display between 1250 and 1000 feet and numerically to nearest 10 feet from 990 to 0 feet
    * Radial inform from VORTAC or waypoint shown on middle display when RAD button on KNS-81 is pressed
    * Digital display indicates source of frequency informtion controlling DME such as NAV1, NAV2
    * Indicator will display RNV when the displayed range, ground sped, and time-to-station are derived from area navigation system
    * Indicator will display all dashes if power is either turned on or momentarily lost during frequency HOLD
    * Readout brightness is automatically controlled with respect to cockpit ambient lighting by photocell located to left of digital readout
    * Slaved gyro heading
    * Internal lighting
    * For use with ARINC Standard Compass systems
    * Versions available with 30 Hz resolvers commonly used with KNR-630 nav receivers (see table below)
    * Versions available with 400 Hz resolvers commonly used with KNR-634 and KNR-634 nav receivers (see table below)
    * Versions available with both 30 and 400 Hz resolvers (see table below)
    * Versions originally produced that are compatible with 3 or 4 wire or NO RMI units (see table below)
    * Models available with black or gray bezel (see table below)
    * Models available with 5 or 28V lighting (see table below)

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