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FIS Datalink System

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King


    * Provides continuously transmitted weather information through high-speed VDL Mode 2
    * NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs and more can be displayed for any area of the country at any time
    * Utilizes Honeywell-owned network Honeywell 200+ ground stations to broadcase datalink weather on two exclusive frequencies
    * Key benefit - ground station network continuously broadcasts the same product until either newer data is available or the information has exceeded a pre-determined expiration time;
    * Most datalink systems broadcast at least once every five minutes
    * Datalink reception normally occurs from 5000-17500 ft. AGL within a 70-nm radius of a ground station (actual coverage altitude has been observed to FL 450)
    * Data Link weather will display on KMD-550 or KMD-850 Multi-Function Displays (KAC-503 FIS Module required)
    * Compatible with KMD-250 MFD for datalink weather display (module not required)
    * Conveniently displays forecasted whether for all waypoints on flightplan when used with MFD
    * 4 Flexible subscription packages available with various options of graphical or text reports
    * Convenient status page displays 220 ground station network status
    * Requires dedicated, external VHF comm antenna operating in 117 to 137 Mhz freq range
    * Piston airplane installations may require reduced-emissions type ignition wire harness to remedy ignition noise problem that may impact FIS reception

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