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Nav Receiver w/ GS

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King


    * 1.3" high flat-pack, NAV unit
    * 200-channel navigation receiver
    * Built-in 40 channel Glideslope receiver available as option (see table below)
    * Features simultaneous gas discharge display of both active and standby frequencies
    * Flip-flop frequency transfer button
    * Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory (EAROM) provides non-volatile storage of two frequencies
    * Used with either KI-203 or KI-208 VOR/LOC indicators and KI-204 or KI-209 VOR/LOC/GS converter/indicators
    * Will operate an HSI such as KI-525A (of KCS-55A System) with a remote KN-72 VOR/LOC converter
    * Output provided for automatic channeling of remote DME systems
    * Composite VOR output signal provided to operate KI-229 RMI
    * All solid-state system employs digital frequency synthesizer for NAV frequency control
    * Microprocessor controls the display and provides DME tuning code conversion
    * Crystal filter provides added protection against channeling interference for improved selectivity on 50 kHz frequencies
    * Operates on any DC voltage from 11 to 33 volts
    * Models available with diffused or non-diffused display lens (see table below)
    * Models available with 5V lighting and bezel removed for use in a system with a common bezel such as the CNI-5000 (see table below)
    * TSO'd

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