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Nav Receiver

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King


    * 200-channel navigation receiver
    * 40-channel glidelsope receiver
    * Marker beacon receiver
    * Internal VOR/LOC converter
    * King compatible RMI outputs and 3-wire synchro outputs
    * Models available with different combinations of above features (see table below)
    * Used with KFS-564 and KFS-564A flip-flop frequency selector which displays active and standby frequencies in gas discharge numerics.
    * Can be used with nav indicators such as KNI-582, KPI-552, KPI-553A, KI-206
    * Can be interfaced with any 400 Hz, Electrically Zeroed, ARINC CDI or HSI nav display
    * Serial outputs provided for automatic channeling of King DME systems
    * Superflags for both NAV and Glideslope receivers are compatible with most popular Flight Director / Autopilot systems
    * Accepts ARINC 429 channeling and provides ARINC 429 outputs for use with EFS 10 and ARINC 429 based systems
    * Similar to KNR-634 but DOES include above feature
    * Compliant with ICAO Annex FM immunity requirements for Europe
    * (Units must include Mods 6,8,9 or above serial # 12401)
    * TSO'd
    * 28VDC

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