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TAS/TCAS I Traffic Awareness System

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King


    * Traffic Advisory System (TAS) - active traffic surveillance system TSO'd to C-147
    * Provides all of the capability of the KTA-870 with the added certification of TCAS I
    * Operates using an active Mode C interrogation technique
    * Can track up to 60 intruder aircraft and display up to 30
    * Eight pilot selectable ranges from 2-40 nm
    * Will track and display three levels of intruders: non-threat, proximity intruder and Traffic Advisory (TA)
    * Non-threat aircraft are defined as at a relative altitude more than +-1200 ft. or at a range over 5 nm of your aircraft (depicted by open white diamond)
    * Proximity intruders are defined as at a relative altitude within +-1200 ft. and/or at a range under 5 nm (depicted by solid white diamond)
    * Traffic Advisory (TA) will sound as audible tone and be depicted as solid yellow circle indicating that Closest Point of Approach (CPA) with other aircraft is within 30 seconds
    * Compatible for display on most modern multifunction displays (MFD)
    * Typical system consists of KTA-810 processor unit, (2) KA-815 directional antennas, configuration module, and installation kits
    * Uses KA-815 Top and bottom mounted (dual) directional antenna system (Note: See FAQ for antenna installation restrictions)
    * Dual antenna system provides estimated bearing to aircraft
    * Configuration module provides mean to store aircraft specific information such as aircraft configuration, audio levels, etc.
    * KAC-502 traffic module required for use with Bendix/King KMD-550 and KMD-850 MFDs
    * System will interface to IVA-81D TCAS indicators and IN-182A radar indicators
    * Other displays with ARINC 735A may be used to display traffic with system

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