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Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King

In flight environments that demand an ever-increasing amount of attention, pilots need a higher level of situational awareness. The Honeywell Bendix/King KGP 860 enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) incorporates much of the same terrain database technology found in our air transport EGPWS, while specifically protecting light turbine and piston aircraft from the threat of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT). Based on Honeywell’s proven CFIT alerting algorithms, our EGPWS provides advanced alerting while virtually eliminating nuisance warnings.

CFIT is one of the leading causes of General Aviation fatalities. In addition to being TSO’d to C151 Class B TAWS requirements, the KGP 860 provides worldwide terrain

    * Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System specifically designed for light turbine and piston aircraft
    * Combines early alert/awrning capability with optional terrain display (when used with compatible display)
    * Incorporates GPS position and terrain/obstacle database to indicate terrain above and below aircraft
    * Terrain display can be presented on KMD-550 or KMD-850 MFDs, weather indicator (with compatible terrain input), or dedicated display (such as Honeywell TRA-45A Display)
    * Capable of displaying terrain on displays implementing KCPB picture bus protocol or ARINC 453/708 interface (see sample list of compatible displays below)
    * Available six-color terrain alerting and display output
    * Note: display option not required for Class B TAWS compliance
    * Meets TSO C151a Class B TAWS requirements (-0101 version)
    * Meets TSO C151b Class B TAWS requirements (-0205 version)
    * Updateable worldwide terrain database
    * Up to 320 nm display capability
    * Built-in GPS sensor - preferred interface
    * Accepts GPS data from external sensor with RS-232/422 and ARINC 743/743A formats (see sample list of compatible sensors below)
    * GPS data is supplied via optional KA-91 or KA-92 GPS antenna (Optional antenna splitter also available $360 list)
    * Available six-color terrain alerting and display output
    * EFIS 40/50 interface
    * Advanced Runway Field Clearance Floor (RFCF) feature provides 460 degree coverage of terrain and obstacles within 5 nm of public runways of more than 2000 ft.
    * Exclusive "peaks" mode displays terrain below the aircraft
    * Easy to install weighing less than 1.5 pounds
    * Radar altitude input
    * Typical system consists of KGP-860 EGPWS computer, database card (Americas, Atlantic, or Pacific), configuration module, and installation kits
    * Configuration module provides mean to store aircraft specific information such as aircraft configuration, GPS source, audio levels, etc.
    * Capable to interface with most EFIS systems such as Collins FDS-255/2000 and Honeywell Radar Systems such as Primus 90/300/400/440/600/660/880/1000
    * Added warning modes over KGP-560 for descent, closure to terrain, altitude loss after takeoff, terrain clearance, and altitude callouts
    * Same as KGP-560 but includes advanced features such as rad alt input, EFIS interface, bank angle alert, and gear/flap warnings

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