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Multi-Hazard Awareness System

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King

With more than 10,000 TCAS II/ACAS II installations on more than 325 aircraft types, Honeywell is the overwhelming choice in collision avoidance for airline and corporate pilots. Honeywell has combined the unmatched flexibility of its integrated hazard avoidance system with the reliability and capability of an active-interrogation traffic advisory system (TAS) to create the KMH 980 multi-hazard awareness system. This system pairs the KTA 970, which delivers TAS, with the KGP 860 enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) - making this a powerful duo for safety in the sky.


  • Provides both TAS Traffic Awareness and EGPWS (Terrain) capability in a single unit (KMH-920)
  • Combines features of KGP-560 and KTA-970
  • Provides all of the capability of the KMH-880 with the added certification of TCAS I
  • TAS Operates using an active Mode C interrogation technique
  • TAS Can track up to 60 intruder aircraft and display up to 30
  • Eight pilot selectable ranges from 2-40 nm
  • Will track and display three levels of intruders: non-threat, proximity intruder and Traffic Advisory (TA)
  • Compatible for display on most modern multifunction displays (MFD)
  • Typical system consists of KMH-920 processor unit, (2) KA-815 directional antennas, configuration module, and installation kits
  • Uses KA-815 Top and bottom mounted (dual) directional antenna system (Note: See FAQ for antenna installation restrictions)
  • Dual antenna system provides estimated bearing to aircraft
  • Configuration module provides mean to store aircraft specific information such as aircraft configuration, GPS source, audio levels, etc.
  • EGPWS portion of system is Class B TSO C151a compliant
  • TAS portion provides surveillance of transponder equipped aircraft within 10 nautical miles and/or +-10000 feet of altitude
  • KAC-502 traffic and KAC-504 EGPWS module required for use with Bendix/King KMD-550 and KMD-850 MFDs
  • System will interface to IVA-81D TCAS indicators and IN-182A radar indicators
  • Other displays with ARINC 735A may be used to display traffic with system

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