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AeroShell Oil W120 is an ashless aviation oil dispersant specially designed for use in warm climates.

Ashless dispersant aircraft oil

  • Promote engine cleanliness
  • Help keep engines sludge free
  • Help reduce oil consumption
  • Help engines reach TBO (Time Between Overhaul)
  • Protect highly stressed engine parts against scuffing and wear
AeroShell Oil W120 is a high-quality aviation oil specially designed for use in warm climates. This ashless dispersant aircraft oil delivers remarkable lubricant performance and also helps avoid formations of metallic ash residues. It also has an excellent clean-engine performance and is specially made for four-stroke cycle certified reciprocating piston engines, including turbocharged and fuel-injected engines.

AeroShell Oil W120 is also available in four different viscosity grades: AeroShell Oil W120, AeroShell Oil W80, AeroShell Oil W100, and AeroShell Oil W65. The suffixes refer to each product’s viscosity at 210°F in Saybolt Universal Seconds. Take note that AeroShell Oil W120 is NOT recommended for automotive engine use.

Please consult the conversion agency or engine manufacturer of automotive engines (converted for aircraft use) for oil recommendations. Many radial engine operators recommend AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 or AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 for cooler ambient temperatures while AeroShell W120 is recommended for warm weather operations. The usual choices for most operators of Continental and Lycoming flat engines are either AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 or AeroShell Oil W100, except during the colder parts of the year wherein AeroShell Oil W100 is replaced with AeroShell Oil W80.

Even though a few engine overhaulers and manufacturers recommend the use of straight mineral oil in recently overhauled engines for break-in, there are several manufacturers and rebuilders who advise the use of an AeroShell W Oil especially for engines such as the Lycoming O-320H. We recommend operators to consult with engine manufacturers or rebuilders for proper recommendations regarding specific engines.

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AeroShell Oil W120 is available at Trast Aero! We have a reliable logistics system that secures the delivery of your orders. We are a top distributor of high-class aviation engine oils and greases and we ship worldwide. We have professional staffs to provide you with the detailed information and the technical specifications of our products.

Shell AeroShell Oil W120 is for wholesale and retail delivery around the world, find the price in the sales department of Having excellent working qualities and reasonable price, AeroShell oils are actively used in aviation.

Aeroshell oil W120 specifications


Approved J-1899 SAE Grade 50

Approved J-1899 SAE Grade 60


Approved J-1899 SAE Grade 50

Approved J-1899 SAE Grade 60


(AIR 3570 Grade SAE 50)

(AIR 3570 Grade SAE 60)




O-125 Obsolete

O-128 Obsolete

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