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Portable avionics Garmin

We offer the sale of avionics from the catalog - electronic communication systems, navigation, display and management of complex and simple aircraft devices. Satellite communications and navigation systems are an integral part of modern aircraft, and help to ensure safety and a high level of flight quality.

Portable Avionics.

The aviation shop sells all kinds of portable avionics - aircraft electronics. Here you can buy accessories for pilots, pilot watches, 3d air navigation pro gadgets, gps receivers, best 4k action cameras, and other devices of any price category, and also we will be able to choose the suitable electronics package for aircraft modernization.

We use avionics in our airplanes and offer only the most reliable models for you. We are the official distributors of Garmin and other electronics manufacturers for the aircraft.

The reliability of the flight depends on the quality of the portable devices that you use. Portable aviation navigators provide all the necessary information about the flight. This allows you to quickly respond to the rapidly changing situation in the air. Also, you can use phones and tablets Apple and Android to exchange data with the Action camera, GPS receiver, Pilot watch and air navigator .

A professional pilot should always be in touch and have available backup means for communication and 3d navigation. In our catalog of products for aviation there are satellite phones and gps watches.

There is a large number of suppliers of avionics. But we are consumers of oils that we offer you to buy. You can be assured of the quality of our products.

We are distributors and suppliers of portable avionics:

  • action camera,
  • pilot watch,
  • GPS navigator,
  • satellite phone