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AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 Oil for turboprop engines

AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 can improve the oxidation and thermal stability as it inhibits the corrosion in your aircraft engine. MIL-PRF-23699F

To ensure productivity, reduced coking
Withstands high speeds and temperatures
Longer engine life

British Specification:
Equivalent DEF STAN 91-101
French Specification: Equivalent DCSEA 299/A
General Electric Specification: D-50 TF 1
Joint Service Designation Specification: Equivalent OX-27
NATO Specification: O-154
Pratt & Whitney Specification: 521C Type II
Rolls-Royce Allison Specification: EMS-53
Russian Specification: Analogue to VNII NP 50-1-4F, B3V, LZ-240, VNII NP 50-1-4U and 36/Ku-A
US Military Specification: MIL-L-23699
US Military Specification: MIL-PRF-23699
US Military Specification: MIL-PRF-23699 HTS
Shelf life 4 years

AeroShell turbine engine oil 560 is a 5 mm2/s synthetic ester oil that can be beneficial with its aviation oil additives that can help protect your engine and enhance its performance, as it is extending the engine life and creating longer maintenance cycles. The aviation oil- a third generation 'low coking' 5 centistoke synthetic that hinders ester aviation lubricants. It incorporates an advanced aviation oil additives technology with a fine balance of additives that can resist the high temperatures that is generated by the turbine engines.

AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 is a third generation high performance 5-centistoke synthetic that hinders the ester aviation lubricant oil, it has reduced coking and improved wear resistance for modern jet engines. It reduces the deposits caused by high temperature. The aviation oil can resist the high temperature generated by turbine engines, and it is used in helicopter gear boxes and transmissions. Many modern jet engines require the use of aviation greases that can effectively withstand high speeds, temperatures and the associated stresses without damaging or forming deposits.

Today, Shell offers a wide range of aviation lubricant oil products, including synthetic oils of the latest generation, capable of raising the power of turbo engines to a new height. AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 is composed of selected components which results to a product that greatly reduces the deposits that is caused by high temperature conditions and improves overall engine performance.

The balanced blend of aviation oil additives also improves the thermal and oxidational stability of the engine. The outstanding high temperature and oxidation stability of Turbine Oil 560 is due to the natural properties of the synthetic hindered ester base fluid used. These fluids are clean running in that they tend to dissolve varnish and sludge rather than leave deposits on working surfaces. AeroShell 560 was developed essentially to meet the high temperature requirements of both modern engines and future models. Higher operating temperatures and pressures, improved engine performance and lower maintenance practices have resulted in increased severity in lubricant operating conditions.

Type II oils are becoming less suitable for use in modern aircraft engines. The superior load carrying qualities of AeroShell 560 is demonstrated by the Ryder Gear Test which compares older Type II oils and other competitive third generation oils. In standard load carrying tests AeroShell 560 achieved an 8% improvement over its other competitive MIL-L-23699 or DERD 2499 aviation oil in the market. Research and Development has enabled the most suitable selection of aviation oil additives to be used in order to provide the superior load carrying and exceptional resistance to high temperature oxidation.

An avid user has reviewed the product and claimed that, “For me, AeroShell 560 is one of the best aviation oil for my aircraft! With the high performance aviation additives oil, I experienced a hassle free flight with oxidation and thermal at a normal range. Check out the products at the nearest aviation oil outlet.

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To buy lubrication AeroShell Turbine Oil 560, terms and conditions of purchase, please contact our Sales department. AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 Price on request.


Properties MIL-PRF-23699F Grade HTS AeroShell Turbine Oil 560
Oil type Synthetic ester Synthetic ester
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s
@ 100С
@ 40С

4.90 to 5.40
23.0 min
13000 max

Flashpoint, Cleveland Open Cup, C 246 min 268
Pourpoint, C -54 -60 
Total Acidity, mgKOH/g 1 max 0.14
Evaporation Lass 6.5 hrs @ 204C, % m 10.0 max 2.0
Foaming Must pass Passes
Swelling of Standart Synthetic Rubber
SAE-AMS 3217/1 72 hrs @ 70C, swell %
SAE-AMS 3217/4 72 hrs @ 204C, swell %
Standart silicone rubber 96 hrs @ 121C

5 to 25
5 to 25
5 to 25

Thermal Stability/Corrosivity 96 hrs @ 274C
- metal weight change, mg/cm2
- viscosity change, %
- Total Acid Number Change, mgKOH/g

4 max
5 max
6 max

Corrosion & Oxidation Stability
72 hrs @ 175C
72 hrs @ 204C
72 hrs @ 218C

Must pass
Must pass
Must pass

Ryder Gear Test, Relative Rating Hercolube A, % 102 126
Bearing Test Rig
Type 1? conditions
- Overall deposit demerit rating
- Viscosity change @ 40C, %
- Total Acid Number change, mgKOH/g
- Filter deposits, g

35 max
0 to +30
1.5 max
3 max

Sonic shear stability
- viscosity change @ 40C, %

4 max


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