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NYCO Hydraunycoil FH 51 is a trustworthy and low-cost petroleum-based aviation hydraulic fluid usable on all types of aircraft.

Mineral hydraulic fluid MIL-PRF-5606H

For dampers, reactive hydraulic systems, reducers
Temperature range - 54C + 135C / - 54C + 90C
Analog: AMG-10

Nyco Hydraunycoil FH 51 is a trustworthy and low-cost petroleum-based aircraft hydraulic fluid with a viscosity of 14 cSt at 40°C and a viscosity index exceeding 300. Its operating temperature is very wide ranging from -54°C to +90°C in open circuits and -54°C to +135°C in air-tight circuits. Its formula is micro-filtered and supplied with a controlled level of contaminant. It also contains anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives.

Nyco Hydraunycoil FH 51 is used as shock strut fluid by several commercial aircraft landing gears (Fokker, Embraer, ATR, Airbus, Bombardier, etc.) and civil aircraft and helicopters. It can be used for flaps and slats transmission systems and also for general hydraulic systems of military aircraft, missiles, helicopters, and tank and cannon recoil systems. For 50 years, HydraunycOil FH 51 remains the number 1 choice of reliable aircraft hydraulic fluid by Dassault Aviation for their Dassault Mirage fighters equipped with Messier-Hispano-Bugatti chassis.

This is a great choice for trustworthy and low-cost aviation hydraulic fluid for the landing gear shock absorbers of your aircraft. Sixty years of outstanding quality production of aviation engine oils and greases made the French company NYCO a reliable partner for equipment manufacturers, airlines and aviation engine equipments. Nyco HydraunycOil FH 51 is available here at Trast Aero! We have a reliable logistics system that secures the delivery of your orders.

Buy and price.

Nyco HydraunycOil FH 51 - a good selection of reliable hydraulic fluid for landing gear shock absorber for your aircraft in the world. You can buy an aircraft hydraulic fluid Hydraunycoil FH 51 on Well-established logistics system ensures the delivery of the ordered goods to anywhere in the US and around the world.

Professional and experienced staff of our company will provide you with detailed information about the technical specifications of products and their possible applications.

We are a top distributor of high-class aviation engine oils and greases and we ship worldwide. We have professional staffs to provide you with the detailed information and the technical specifications of our products.


Properties Units Results Limits Methods
Appearance - conform Clear limpid, red visual examination
Color conform Conform to the
Density at 20oC kg/dm3  0.872 report ASTM D 4052
Kinematic viscosity at       ASTM D 445
100oC mnrVs 5.36 min 4.90  
40oC   13.9 min 13.2  
-40oC   413 max 600  
-54oC   1839 max 2500  
Stability 72h at -54oC - conform MIL-H-5606 FTM-S-791-3459
Pour point oC -66 max -60 ASTM D 97
Evaporation loss       ASTM D 972
6h at 71oC %weight 14.4 max 20.0  
Flash point oC 96 min 82 ASTM D 93
Acid number(pH=l 1) mg KOH/g 0.02 max 0.20 ASTM D 664
Copper corrosion       ASTMD 130
72h at 135oC - 2a max 2e  
Water content mg/kg 55 max 100 МО-10-001 А
Steel-on-steel wear mm 0.7 max 1.0 ASTMD 4172
Foaming test at 24oC Tendency Stability (after 10min) cm3  45.0 max 65.0 ASTM D 892

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