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Sulutia Skydrol LD-4 Fire-resistant phosphate ester hydraulic fluid

Aviation hydraulic fluid.

Increases the reliability and performance of hydraulic systems of aircraft
Great thermal stability and erosion resistance
  • Airbus Industrie NSA 307.110
  • Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. BMS 3-11
  • British Aerospace BAC M.333.B
  • Lockheed Aircraft Corp. LAC C34-1224
  • McDonnell Douglas Corp. DMS 2014
  • Society of Automotive Engineers AS 1241
  • Fokker
Reliability checked by years

Specifications Skydrol LD-4.

Skydrol LD-4 is a low-density, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid primarily used in commercial aircraft engine systems. This aviation hydraulic oil has excellent lubricating properties, erosion resistance, and high-thermal stability. This tributyl-phosphate-based hydraulic oil also has improved component compatibility and reliability.

Due to its longer service life, Skydrol LD-4 helps reduce aircraft maintenance expenses and fuel usage while at the same time also meets the parameters set by major aircraft manufacturers. This aircraft hydraulic fluid is compatible with several materials like aluminum, and most elastomers and thermoplastics.

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Skydrol LD-4 is available here at Trast Aero! We have a reliable logistics system that secures the delivery of your orders. We are a top distributor of high-class aviation engine oils and greases and we ship worldwide. We have professional staffs to provide you with the detailed information and the technical specifications of our products.

Skydrol LD-4 datasheet.

Skydrol LD-4 hydraulic fluid is a Type IV fluid formulated to exceed the rigid specifications of the aircraft manufacturers. They have been in commercial usage since 1978 and have demonstrated outstanding performance.
Skydrol fluids are approved by all airframe manufacturers specifying phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, including the following material specifications:
Property Test Method Typical Value, Units
Acid Number (mg KOH/g)   0.10 Maximum
Appearance   Clear, oily liquid
Autoignition Temperature ASTM D 2155 400 °C (752 °F ) Minimum
Color   Purple, essentially equivalent to intensity and hue standard
Elemental Content
Calcium   10 ppm, Maximum
Chlorine   50 ppm, Maximum
Potassium   30 ppm, Maximum
Sodium   10 ppm, Maximum
Sulfur   1185-1540 ppm
Fire Point COC   177 °C (350 °F ) Minimum
Flash Point COC   160 °C (320 °F ) Minimum
Moisture   0.20% Maximum
Particle Contamination a
5-15 micron size   32,000 Maximum
15-25 micron size   5,700 Maximum
25-50 micron size   1,012 Maximum
50-100 micron size   180 Maximum
Over 100 micron size   32 Maximum
Pour Point   -62 °C (-80 °F ) Maximum
Specific Gravity @ 25°C/25°C   1.003-1.013
@ 99°C (210°F)   3.66-4.00 cSt
@ 38°C (100°F)   10.65-11.65 cSt
@ -54°C (-65°F)   2000 cSt Maximum
a NAS 1638 particle counts per AS4059F

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