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Panel Mount Nav System

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King


    * Panel mounted navigation system consisting of VOR/Localizer receiver, RNAV computer, and glideslope receiver (basic model)
    * Similar to KNS-80 navigation system but DOES NOT include DME section
    * Models available WITHOUT glideslope receiver (see table below)
    * Models available with Special subdued pushbutton lighting where standard button lighting could provide a distraction problem (see table below)
    * Models available with shiny lens for high mounting angles or pedestal mount installations or non-glare lens for conventional installations (see table below)
    * Models available with optional communcations bus from the KNS-81 to the KGR-356 Radar Graphics system which provides visual indication of the waypoints in relation to the weather and the VORTAC (see table below)
    * Models availables with black or grey bezel (see table below)
    * Models available will communication option which interfaces the KNS-81 with the KTU-709 TACAN allowing the KNS-81 to accept TACAN information. VOR.PAR mode is not available on TACAN units. The PAR nomenclature on the display is replaced with TAC nomenclature (See table below)
    * Models available with front panel with RFI shield (see table below)
    * Models available with helicopter option designed to provide increased immunity to rotor modulation interference (see table below)
    * Models available with 9 or 10 waypoint data storage (see table below)
    * Simultaneously displays waypoint parameters of frequency, radial and distance plus up to ten waypoints (TACAN version will also tune TACAN receiver and display TACAN channels & receiving radial information)
    * 200-channel VOR/LOC receiver
    * Digital RNAV computer with capability for preselection and storage of 4 VOR/LOC frequencies and/or complete RNAV waypoints
    * 40-channel Glideslope receiver (optional, see table below)
    * Provide OBI outputs for driving an RMI indicator such as KI-229 or KNI-582
    * Will operate on any voltage from 11 to 33 volts
    * Large Scale Integrated (LSI) circuits used which results in complete unit weighing only 5 lbs. with a low power consumption of 15 watts
    * Automatic dimming circuit for display compensates for changes in ambient light level
    * Can be interfaced to KN-63, KDM-706 DME units and KTU-709 TACAN
    * Commonly used with KI-202 VOR indicator or KI-206 VOR/GS indicator but can be used with KNI-510/510/510B/520/525 or KPI-550A/551A/552/553/553A Navigation indicators, KI-525/525A HSI units, KDI-572/573/574 DME indicators
    * No external dummy loads or programming jumpers are required for interfacing
    * TSO'd

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