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RVSM capable airdata system is a innovative, simple, and economical method of compliance with RVSM requirements. It also enables a host of new capabilities by supplying data to next generation equipment, and display of altitude in feet or meters, all without altering system architecture.

Designed from the ground up for the Cessna Citation and BeechJet 400 / Diamond 1A, rather than an adaptation of existing components (which incurs the expense of a major rewiring of the aircraft), the Shadin ADC-6000 is a replacement for the original ADC (AZ-241) that brings the airframe into RVSM compliance, while retaining all original factory equipment and wiring.

By simply plugging the ADC-6000 into the aircraft, the left side pilot\\\'s station is instantly brought into RVSM compliance, while retaining the original altimeter interface, autopilot interface, flight director interface, and VNAV interface. As the RVSM requirements demand that two systems be installed, adding an interface harness to drive the right side altimeter brings the entire aircraft to full RVSM dual airdata system compliance.

The ADC-6000 has the ability to switch command of all aircraft controls from the left side airdata, to the right side airdata. The switching system also provides automatic monitoring of the readings between the two airdatas and continuous comparison of the baro settings of the two altimeters without any extra wiring or external relays, as all of the switching is handled internally.

The ADC-6000 augments the functionality of your existing fuel/flight management system The system uses your existing probe to provide true air temperature (TAT), further reducing your installation cost. 3 ARINC 429 format input and output ports interfaces to communicate with TAWS, EFIS, MFDs, FMS, and PFDs.

Dual outputs allows output from either system to drive your autopilot/FD, altitude select, and vertical navigation systems (Part 25 Redundancy) and supports dual flight director systems. An Enhanced Vertical Navigation feature allows your GPS receiver to vertically navigate to your GPS waypoint.


    * The most affordable RVSM solution for Cessna Citation 500 series aircraft
    * Five year new equipment warranty, Low installed cost, Minimal installation down-time
    * Increases aircraft value
    * Only with the Shadin ADC-BOOO RVSM solutions do you have real-time True Air Speed and Heading to your GPS receiver or FMS to calculate and display real-time winds aloft.
    * Superior RVSM airdata performance based on twenty-five years of proven technology
    * Direct replacement for the AZ-241
    * Uses aircraft\'s existing wiring harness with minimal wiring changes
    * Uses existing temperature probe to provide True Air Temperature (TAT]
    * Allows output from either system ADC to the autopilot/FD and altitude select
    * Supports dual flight director systems

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