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2-Piece Vertical Profile Color Weather Radar System

Brand: Honeywell Bendix/King


    * 2-piece color radar system with vertical profile display of weather information consisting of IN-862A indicator, ART-2100 receiver/transmitter
    * Solid-state
    * Four color display
    * Enables user to overlay navigation and weather information simultaneously when used with GC360A graphics unit and compatible moving map GPS or Flight Management System
    * Microprocessor based antenna stabilization
    * Extended Sensitivity Time Control (STC) logic automatically correlates target distance with intensity
    * High-reliability design with magnetron life projected three times greater than most current generation radar systems
    * Split screen function presents standard and vertical profile information simultaneously
    * Can be configured to include a Target Alert feature
    * EFIS interface to show traditional radar returns on EHSI display and Vertical Profile presentation on multifunction display (MFD)
    * 6 kilowatts power for 320 nautical mile range
    * Full 120 degree scan for broader coverage rather normal 90 degree scan
    * Automatic Range Limited (ARL) feature alerts pilots to areas that radar energy cannot penetrate
    * Autotilt feature automatically manages tilt angle while aircraft climbs or descends
    * RDR-2100 differs from RDR-2000 by addition of preceding 4 features

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