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NYCO TurbonycOil 210 A Synthetic Lubricating Oil

Synthetic oil for gas turbine engines

  • Analog oil IPM - 10
  • Complex of functional additives
  • Shelf life 5 years
TurboNycoil 210 A is a lubricating oil with a viscosity of 3.7 cSt at 100°C. It contains a mixture of esters and synthetic hydrocarbons blended with a meticulously formulated combination of antioxidant and anti-wear additives. This aviation lubricant possesses a unique property combination of being highly resistant to both thermal stress and oxidation not to mention superb low temperature properties. It has a shelf life of 5 years. TurboNycoil 210 A is approved by the Central Institute of Aircraft Engines (CIAM) as analogous to the Russian type IPM10.

This aviation lubricating oil is recommended for a variety of turbo coolers and APU (VCU) used in Russian aircraft.. Sixty years of outstanding quality production of aviation engine oils and greases made the French company NYCO a reliable partner for equipment manufacturers, airlines and aviation engine equipments.

TurboNycoil 210 A is available here at Trast Aero! We have a reliable logistics system that secures the delivery of your orders. We are a top distributor of high-class aviation engine oils and greases and we ship worldwide. We have professional staffs to provide you with the detailed information and the technical specifications of our products.

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To buy lubrication Turbonycoil 210 A, terms and conditions of purchase, please contact our Sales department. Turbonycoil 210 A Price on request.

The French company NYCO has 60 years of successful experience in the development of turbine oil, which has made NYCO a key partner for airlines, equipment manufacturers and engines for aviation equipment


Properties Units Results Limits Methods
Appearance limpid Visual
Density at 20oC kg/dm3  0.829 min 0.820 ASTM D 4052
Kinematic viscosity at mmVs 3.69 min 3.00 ASTM D 445
100oC   15.8 report  
    2487 max 3000  
-40 "С 35 mn        
Pour point oC -57 max -50 ASTM D 97
Flash point, COC oC 212 min 190 ASTM D 92
Total acid number (at pH=l 1) mg KOH/g 0.06 max 0.10 ASTM D 664
Water content ppm 48 max 500 МО-10-001 А
Anti-wear content   conform must be conform IRTF
      to reference spectrum  
Foaming at 24oC cmVcm3  20/0 max 50/0 ASTM D 892
Thermooxidative stability       GOST 23797-79
50 h at 200oC        
Change after test        
a/ Total acid number mg KOH/g 5.6 max 8.0  
b/Viscosity at 100oC mm-Vs 5.04 max 6.0  
c/ Corrosion :      
Steel SHKH-15   nil nil  
Aluminium AK-4   nil nil  
Copper   0.00 max+/- 0.20  
d/ Insoluble in isooctane % 0.00 max 0.40  

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