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TurbonycOil 321 Aviation petroleum lubricating oil

Mineral lubricating oil (Analog MS-8P/MK-8P) OST 38 01163-78

  • For the conservation of oil systems of aircraft engines
  • Wide range of applications
  • For turboprop engines
  • Excellent quality and reasonable price
  • Analog MS-8P
  • Shelf life 5 years

Petroleum lubricating oil, aircraft turbine engines. Turbonycoil 321 is based on a petroleum base stock and contains additives to improve the high temperature oxidation stability and prevent wear of gas turbine engines. It has a viscosity of 8 cSt at 50°C. It has been designed for the lubrication of the majority of gas turbines of Russian design. and also be used as an anti-corrosion oil in closed circuit (MS-8RK).

It has been used during 1990's on civil airliners such as Tu-134, Tu-154 and Il-76 with hundreds of thousand flying hours accumulated. Approval by Central Institute of Aircraft engines as an analog to the Russian type MS-8P and OEM Mashproekt approval for usng on industrial & marine gas turbines. It can be available in different quamtity. Our well expert sales team will provide you more technical specification of the product upon your enquiry.

Buy and pricing

To buy Turbonycoil 321, terms and conditions of purchase, please contact our Sales department. The French company NYCO has 60 years of successful experience in the development of turbine oil, which has made NYCO a key partner for airlines, equipment manufacturers and engines for aviation equipment

Characteristics Turbonycoil 321

Properties Units Results Limits Methods
Appearance - conform limpid Visual
      homogeneous examination
Density at 20oC kg/dm3  0.866 max 0.875 ASTM D 4052
Kinematic viscosity at       ASTM D 445
50oC mm2/s 8.94 min 8.00  
-40oC   3489 max 4000  
Acid number mg KOH/g 0.02 max 0.10 ASTM D 974
Flash point, closed cup oC 150 min 145 ASTM D 93
Pour point oc -57 max -55 ASTM D 97
Foaming test at 24oC ml/ml 30/0 max 100/0 ASTM D 892
Thermooxidative stability       GOST 23797-79
50 hat 150 oC        
after test:        
a / Total acid number mg KOH/g 0.08 max 0.40  
b/ Viscosity at        
+50 oC mm2/s 9.14 max 10.0  
-40 oC   4099 max 5500  
c/ Corrosion        
Steel SHKH-15 mg/cm2  0.0 0.0  
Aluminium AK-4   0.0 0.0  
Copper   0.00 max.+/-0.20  
c/Isooctan insoluble %by weight 0.03 max 0.10  
Antiwear additive content % by weight 1.2 1.1-1.3 FTIR

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