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Battery Dimensions:
Overall Length: 363±1 mm Bottom Length: 311±1 mm
Overall height: 226±1 mm Bottom Width: 174±1 mm Top Width: 174±1 mm
Battery Weight: 25kg (max)

Capacity at 10A to an end voltage of 20V of 27±5°C : 25Ah at 2 V2 hour rate

Rated Voltage: 24V
Application: IL-62, IL-76, IL-78, IL-86, IL-96, IL-103, IL-114, IL-144
ТУ-134, 154, 154B, 204 214
Ka-26, Ka-32
High rate discharge at 175A to an end voltage of 15.2V at 27±5°C: 5 minutes (minimum)
Engine Cranking Test 45 seconds cycles from 650A to 75A at 3 minutes interval between starts to an end voltage of 18 volts.: 5 cycles
Engine Cranking Test as above at-5±2°C: 3 cycles
Emergency loads: 2 batteries in parallel meet an emergency load of 100 amps for a minimum duration of 30 minutes
High rate discharge at -18°C: A fully charged battery kept in the chamber for 16 hours discharge at 625 Amps for 10 seconds and 250 Amps for 50 seconds. Voltage during 250 Amps discharge - not less than 10 V
Cycle life: 400
Storage life: 2 years from the date of manufacture
Service life: 3 years from the date of commissioning
Environmental tests at: -18 ± 2°C for 16 hours + 55° ± 2°C for l6hours
a) Normal condition: +2g to-2g for one minute lateral and fore and aft axes. +4.5g to -2g for one minute vertical axis.
b) Crash condition: +9g to 9g for one minute lateral and fore and aft axes +4g to -4.5g for one minute vertical axis. In addition 10g acceleration for one minute in all three directions
Tropical Exposure: 35± l°C at 95% RH for 12 hours 20± 5°C at 95% RH for 5 to 12 hours No. of cycles 14
High Altitude: 20 km altitude at rate of 5 km and capacity performance / charge acceptance (CP charge) at that altitude complied.
Storage: The battery shall be stored between +25°C and +35°C

Typical Properties 

Warranty life:

12 months from the date of commissioning

Specifications to which approved:

1) Declaration of design and performance of sintered of Sintered Plate Nickel Cadmium batteries DPP No 25150 issue 01/2005 and qualification basis approved by interstate aviation committee.

 2) DGAQA, Ministry of Defence Specification No: DGAQA/E & I/502/5 for IL-76 aircraftDGAQA/E & I/502/9  Specification DTD & P(AIR)/E & I/502 For NickelCadmium Batteries

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